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Some furnace filters may help with smoke

Photo of installation of furance filterWe received a question on our Lightly Facebook page this morning about whether furnace filters can help filter smoke. As dozens of fires burn in Chelan County, everyone can smell and sometimes feel the effects of thick, gray smoke.

We did a little research and found that some filters work better than others to clean particles from the air. People who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems may be especially interested in finding a filter that “scrubs” the tiniest particles from the air. Two kinds of filters — pleated polyester filters that contain electrostatically charged fibers and electronic filters — are rated as most effective at removing sub-micron particles.

The University of Illinois Extension provides a good summary of filter types on its website.

An inversion is trapping smoke in the Wenatchee Valley.  The Chelan-Douglas Health District has issued an air quality alert advising residents to limit outdoor activity. According to the Health District, these people should stay indoors if possible: those with lung and heart disease, diabetes or a respiratory infection; those who have had a stroke; and infants, children and adults over age  65.

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