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Thanks for the (holiday) memories

Customers share energy-saving tips and holiday recollections

Last month Chelan County PUD sponsored a drawing on its website for energy-efficient holiday LED lights, asking customers to share their best tips. We got plenty of good ideas and some warm Christmas memories. Here’s what some of our friends and neighbors said.

Photo of wreath

Homes decorated simply with greenery "shine" during the day if not at night, one customer suggests

Sandra T. - Just say NO to leaving the lights on when you are not using them, and always use energy-efficient bulbs. Do not leave the TV on when not watching it.

Dean P. - Don’t put lights on your Christmas tree. Save electricity.

Mike O. - Never leave a portable heater plugged in overnight.

Jennifer T. - To save water: replace your old toilets with water saving ones, replace your lawn with eco-lawn, and repair leaks around faucets right away.

Laurie R. –  Shovel snow by hand rather than using a snowblower and you save gas and get fit at the same time.

Elsa M. – In order to save electricity on the outside of our house, I just decorate with a green wreath on the entrance door. It is simple. I know our house does not shine at night but during the day it looks very nice.

Greg M. - Turn off your outside Christmas lights before going to bed. This will save electricity and also may prevent a fire hazard as you are sleeping.

Dorothy J. - Out Christmas shopping or partying for an extended period? Turn your thermostat down before you leave.

Chris S. (the drawing winner) –  Safely put up the lights and enjoy. They don’t have to be perfect.

Kirk E. – The best thing I ever did was to buy a timer for my outside Christmas lights — once I set it to turn on/off, I don’t have to worry about remembering to do that in the evening when I’m tired and often forget about it.

Betty R. – Some of my most favorite holiday memories are of taking holiday light-seeing excursions, with friends and family,with a nice hot drink, and Christmas music playing. That, to me, is what makes the holiday special

Our personal favorite:
Al H. – Growing up, we had a foil-covered cardboard star for the top of the Christmas tree. Over the years the foil had become quite shabby, so one year my father bought a fancy angel for the tree top. My sister and I didn’t like it because it wasn’t a star, so my mother re-covered the star with aluminum cooking foil. At age 70, I still have that star, which my wife and I use every Christmas.

Thank you to our contest participants. Keep those tips coming in!

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