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Thanks for conserving!

Chelan County PUD customers are saving energy — three times more than just a few years ago.

Photo of window inspection

Mark Wiser, senior residential energy adviser, checks out a window installation. A PUD program helps customers upgrade to energy-efficient windows by covering part of the cost through rebates.

In the two-year period of 2010 and 2011, the average annual conservation savings totaled three times the average annual savings in the previous decade. Seventy percent of those savings came from industrial customers, 24 percent from residential customers, and 6 percent from the business sector.

Some 165,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs were distributed to residential customers through a direct giveaway and at reduced prices at retail stores in Chelan County during 2010-11.

Andrew Grassell, manager of Energy Development and Conservation, told PUD commissioners on Tuesday that state auditors have verified savings of 3.38 average megawatts for the two-year time frame. Under the state Energy Independence Act, utilities must set targets to reach all cost-effective conservation, updating those goals every two years.

Industrial customers can take advantage of programs to increase the efficiency of high-speed fans and other equipment. For example, Chelan PUD helped Stemilt reduce energy consumption at its largest fruit packing facility, Olds Station, by 30 percent. Programs available to commercial customers include better lighting. Residential customers have more than a dozen energy saving programs available including home weatherization and appliance rebates.

Energy savings can translate into reduced costs, higher efficiency and increased comfort for customers.

Chelan PUD customers: Thank you for conserving!

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