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Energy rebates continue in 2014

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PrintNow here’s something to look forward to in 2014: Our rebate programs on energy-efficient windows, insulation and appliances will continue.

Photo of customer Ora Jansen with refrigerator and freezer to be recycled

All of Chelan PUD’s energy-efficiency programs — including recycling of old refrigerators and freezers — will continue in 2014.

Chelan County PUD’s rebates in 2014 will stay at the same level as 2013 with one exception: The incentive for LED retrofit kits will drop to $10 beginning January 1. (The current rebate is $25 per kit.)

This past year was one of our best ever for conservation, with nearly 400 customers adding energy-efficient windows and/or insulation to save money and improve the comfort of their homes. Check out what three satisfied customers say about their energy-saving improvements in this video.

In the last four years, Chelan PUD has saved 7.3 average megawatts through conservation efforts — enough to power about 2,940 local homes.

Here are the rebate amounts for 2014:

  • Energy-efficient windows: $6 per square foot
  • Insulation: 50 cents per square foot
  • Refrigerators and freezers: $50
  • Clothes washers: $30-$75
  • Water heaters: $25-$100
  • Heat pump water heaters: $300-$500
  • Ductless heat pumps: $750
  • LED retrofit kits: $10

We’ll continue to offer refrigerator and freezer recycling next year, too. Our contractor will haul away and recycle old refrigerators or freezer at no charge, plus provide a $30 rebate.

The PUD also offers free duct testing and sealing for manufactured homes.

PUD brings discounted LEDs to some stores

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Photo of LED bulbs

A sampling of LED bulbs.
(Photo from Department of Energy website)

The latest in energy-efficient lighting — LED bulbs — are now part of Chelan PUD’s retailer discounts. Save on  LEDs, CFLs and low-flow showerheads at your local retailer.

Look for the Simple Steps Smart Savings signs at local stores. Customers will find prices already marked down on LED (light-emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent) light bulbs, indoor hard-wired fixtures and low-flow showerheads. Markdowns range from about 50 cents below suggested retail for general purpose bulbs to up to $7 on energy-saving showerheads. LEDs are marked down by about $3 per bulb.

Quality LED products can last 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb and use 75 percent less energy. Although they’re more expensive than CFLs, there is no mercury in LED bulbs so there’s no concern about hazards in your home or the environment. Learn more about LEDs.

Simple Steps Smart Savings graphic(Note: Not all stores are participating in the LED promotion. Home Depot and Lowe’s in Wenatchee and BiMart in East Wenatchee are participating, and the Walmart stores in Wenatchee and Chelan are tentatively scheduled to join the LED promotion this fall.)

The savings are brought to you by Chelan County PUD through a regional program designed to make energy-efficient products more affordable for consumers. Items available through the Simple Steps Smart Savings program are:

  • LEDs – many are fully dimmable
  • Twist CFLs – regular and mini twists
  • Specialty CFLs – reflectors, globes, candelabras, torpedo bulbs and outdoor lighting
  • Fixtures – indoor hard-wired fixtures
  • Showerheads – Those using 2.0 gallons per minute or less

Find a list of local retailers on our website.

Thanks for conserving!

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Chelan County PUD customers are saving energy — three times more than just a few years ago.

Photo of window inspection

Mark Wiser, senior residential energy adviser, checks out a window installation. A PUD program helps customers upgrade to energy-efficient windows by covering part of the cost through rebates.

In the two-year period of 2010 and 2011, the average annual conservation savings totaled three times the average annual savings in the previous decade. Seventy percent of those savings came from industrial customers, 24 percent from residential customers, and 6 percent from the business sector.

Some 165,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs were distributed to residential customers through a direct giveaway and at reduced prices at retail stores in Chelan County during 2010-11.

Andrew Grassell, manager of Energy Development and Conservation, told PUD commissioners on Tuesday that state auditors have verified savings of 3.38 average megawatts for the two-year time frame. Under the state Energy Independence Act, utilities must set targets to reach all cost-effective conservation, updating those goals every two years.

Industrial customers can take advantage of programs to increase the efficiency of high-speed fans and other equipment. For example, Chelan PUD helped Stemilt reduce energy consumption at its largest fruit packing facility, Olds Station, by 30 percent. Programs available to commercial customers include better lighting. Residential customers have more than a dozen energy saving programs available including home weatherization and appliance rebates.

Energy savings can translate into reduced costs, higher efficiency and increased comfort for customers.

Chelan PUD customers: Thank you for conserving!

There’s a Hue for me and you

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photo of hue starter pack
The Hue starter pack (photo from Hue website)

 Warm? Wild? Hue LED lighting system puts you in control 

Why hadn’t we heard about this?

Philips and Apple have teamed up to offer a personal wireless lighting system that can change color to match your mood or the season, come on gently to wake you up or turn off to let you sleep, switch lights on randomly to fool would-be burglars while you’re away, and optimize lighting depending on what you’re doing at the moment. All through your smart phone or tablet.

Called “Hue,” the lighting system is available at Apple stores and online. A three-bulb starter pack is $199. The app is available for Android as well as iPhones and the iPad.

The Hue website explains:

The LED technology inside every hue wireless LED bulb is a little bit special. That’s because it can display different tones of white light – from warm yellow white to vibrant blue white. Of course, it can also recreate any color in the spectrum.

And they couldn’t be easier to install. Just pick the lights or lamps you want to give the hue makeover and screw the wireless bulbs in. Then turn the light switch on, so there’s electricity running to the bulb, and you’re all done.

You can use the app to capture colors from any photo, then recreate them in a room. You can save that scene to use again. Or just choose on of four “Light Recipes” provided: Relax, Concentrate, Energize, Reading. Change the brightness remotely with a sliding bar.

Using IFTTT  (If This, Then That) service, users can move hue lamps to action. Examples on the hue website include, “If I receive an important mail, then blink to notify me” and “If it begins to rain then change the light color to blue.”

The bulbs have a 15,000 hour lifespan (compared with the 1,000 hour lifespan of typical incandescent bulbs), which is approximately 15 years of light. They use just 8.5 watts of power.

Read the reviews: says, “…While it’s undeniably cool, the cost of entry could preclude many.” : Philips Hue connected bulb

Gizmodo calls it “insanely cool”: Philips Hue lighting review: Your lamp’s not worthy

NY Times’ David Pogue says “LED bulbs are a gigantic improvement over incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescents”: New reasons to change light bulbs

Consumer Reports review on YouTube

If you’ve got Hue, we’d love to hear from you.

It takes you to Tango

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photo of Tango CardHave you heard about the new Tango Card? Using a Tango Card good at 17 major retailers is one option for customers receiving appliance rebates from Chelan County PUD.

The PUD is offering rebates for energy-efficiency upgrades on several products for your home:

  • LED downlight retrofit kits, $25
  • Electric storage water heaters, $25-$125
  • Clothes washers, $30-$75
  • Refrigerators and freezers, $50
  • Line voltage zoned thermostats, $115
  • Heat pump water heaters, $300-$500

If you choose the new Tango Card, you can redeem it immediately for your choice of gift cards at 17 premier retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks and Home Depot. Or you can donate your rebate to your choice of eight charities such as Habitat for Humanity. You can also elect to get a good old-fashioned check, with a quick turn-around of 7 to 10 business days.

All ENERGY STAR refrigerators, freezers and clothes washers are eligible for rebates. Amounts vary because they’re based on the energy-efficiency of the model selected.

Find complete information on the program here.